Infographic: From Sample to Lead in Just 3 Weeks

AbCellera's Real Time Response to COVID-19

Antibodies are one of the most promising therapeutic approaches for easing the COVIDcampaign-pages/bispecifics/-19 crisis. The challenge is finding the best antibodies to block infection, and quickly. AbCellera’s teams and technology have led the global search for human antibodies against the virus that causes COVIDcampaign-pages/bispecifics/-19 with unprecedented throughput and speed. In just 11 days, AbCellera screened millions of single cells from a recovered patient, identified hundreds of antibodies targeting SARS-CoVcampaign-pages/cd3/campaign-pages/cd3/-2, moved into functional testing with global virology experts and signed an antibody drug co-development agreement with Eli Lilly and Company to get a new antibody based medicine to patients in need. The investigational medicine LY-CoV555 that emerged from these discovery efforts was used in the world’s first study of potential antibody treatments for COVIDcampaign-pages/bispecifics/-19 in humans.


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