Fight pandemics with antibody medicines.

Antibodies can provide powerful treatments
when we need them most.

The Opportunity


They can be developed fast. Antibody medicines can be a first line of defense against new and changing viral threats before vaccines and other treatments are available.

They can treat the sick. Antibodies target infections with precision, keeping patients out of the hospital and saving lives.

They can protect the vulnerable. Antibody medicines provide fast-acting protection to at-risk people, including those who cannot be vaccinated, or have pre-existing conditions.

The Challenge

Pandemic viruses spread and evolve quickly.

It’s hard to keep pace.

Quickly finding antibodies that can be developed into medicines is challenging because they need to be:

Effective at blocking the virus

Potent enough to treat the sick

Safe to give to patients

Easy to produce and scale

It’s hard to treat variants.

Finding antibodies that will remain effective against changing viruses is challenging because they need to:

Broadly block variants of concern

Target parts of the virus that are unlikely to change

Case Study

We’re prepared for pandemics.

AbCellera’s Pandemic Prevention Platform was built under DARPA’s P3 Program and refined over 2 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we mobilized the platform to bring 2 antibody medicines to patients in a year.

The Solution


We’ve built a vast database of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants and other viruses with pandemic potential. We’ve used this robust source of data to hone our technologies so that next time a new virus emerges, we can find better medicines, backed by more data, in less time.