Hit two targets
at once with
perfectly paired

Bringing bispecific antibodies to the clinic with precision and speed using a clinically validated platform.

The Opportunity


By binding two targets at the same time, bispecific antibodies are different than conventional cancer treatments.

Bispecific antibodies can:

Destroy tumors by harnessing the power of the immune system.

Stop cancer cells from dividing by blocking intricate cancer cell pathways.

Treat diverse cancer types by carrying out complex functions through customizable structures.

The Challenge

Bispecific antibody programs have been prone to failure.

They’re hard to fine-tune.

With traditional technology, it can take a long time to modify and optimize antibodies to work well as a pair.

They’re hard to make.

Heavily modified bispecific structures can be challenging to manufacture with standard processes.

Case Study

Pinpointing potent cancer bispecifics.

We used our CD3 panel and our bispecifics engineering platform, OrthoMab™, to generate proof-of-concept T-cell engagers with fine-tuned properties.

The Solution

Advance Bispecifics to the clinic, faster.

Find high quality parental antibodies.
Search natural immune responses and discover hundreds of antibodies against each bispecific target.

Snap together any two antibodies.
Pair parental antibodies with precision using OrthoMab™, a clinically validated multispecific engineering technology.

Get to the clinic fast with optimal lead candidates.
Produce large panels of bispecific antibodies and assess their binding and biophysical properties to pinpoint the most promising leads.

OrthoMab™ uses advanced computational and protein engineering methods to:

  • Ensure correct and stable pairing of multiple heavy and light chains
  • Avoid common light chains, allowing bispecifics to bind to diverse epitopes